Monday, 18 May 2009

Rotary Connection by Rotary Connection

Produced by Charles Stepney & Marshall Chess (1969 Cadet)

This was release two years earlier on the Checker label but in 1969 it made it out on the Cadet Label. It is a collection of songs that could be loosely called psychedelic soul. It is acquired listening and the stand-out tunes for me are "Turn Me On", "Like A Rolling Stone" and "Didn't Want To Have To Do It". Also on here is a sitar sample lifted successfully by the Fugees.

Side A


Rapid Transit

Turn Me On

Pink Noise

Lady Jane

Like A Rolling Stone

Side B

Soul Man

Sursum Mentes

Didn't Want To Have To Do It

Black Noise

Memory Band

Ruby Tuesday

Rotary Connection

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Dr. Tiki Atomica said...

Thx for this RS. What a gas... have the vinyl but have been looking for a digital rip. The Rotary Connection played pretty regular gigs at at Aaron Russo's late 60's awesome Chicago rock venue (the electric theater AKA the kinetic playground... they were always a pleasure to see. RIP Minnie.