Saturday, 30 August 2008

Dinner Music by Rotary Connection

Produced & Arranged by Charles Stepney

(1970 Cadet Concept Records)

Recorded at Ten Mar Studios, Chicago, Illinois, November 1969

The penultimate album from Rotary Connection before they were deemed uncommercial or unmarketable. Still, this album is not as strong as their pervious efforts but it has its moments.


Minnie Riperton

Mitch Aliota

Sidney Barnes

Judy Hauff

Tommy Vincent

Bobby Simms

Side One


We Will Be Free

Living Alone

Lektricks #1

Country Things


May Our Amens Be True

Stormy Monday Blues

Side Two

Love Me Now

Lonely Summer


Lektricks #2

Merry Prankster

Pump Effect

Want You To Know



Gianni said...

I love you, mr. rock savage,
because you love charles stepney productions!
thanks for all these great posts!

keviekev said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Respect.

Radek said...

All too eclectic and not as good as "Songs" or "Hey Love", but some of the songs are still very good. Thanks a lot.