Friday, 8 August 2008

Cymande by Cymande

Produced by John Schroeder (1972 Janus Records)

Cymande are one of those few bands that changed forever my way of listening to music. I cannot praise this fabulous ensemble highly enough. This album is incredible. Pure Genius!

Bass - Steve Scipico

Drums - Sam Kelly

Guitar - Patrick Patterson

Congas - Pablo Gonsales

Saxophone (Alto) - Mike Rose

Saxophone (Alto & Soprano) - Derek Gibbs

Saxophone (Tenor) - Peter Serreo

Vocals & Percussion - Joey Dee & Ray King

Side One

Zion I

One More

Getting It Back



Side Two



The Message

Ras Tafarian Folk Song


rico1970 said...
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Rock Savage said...

The above comment posted a link to a music blog site but the music is uploaded at below 160kbps.

I keep asking why anyone that loves music would post at such poor quality?


k02 said...

Thanks rock savage

robbs said...

Thanks for sharing! I always wanted some music by Cymande.

robbs said...

I was always hip to, Bra. I used to dance to this song in the clubs (nj & ny) back in the day. Thanks to you I have an album by them. Thank you very much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

WODNERFUL..I never heard of them before.reminds me of Mandrill.
Thank you for the posting. This one will not be buried!