Saturday, 23 August 2008

Aladdin by Rotary Connection

Produced & Arranged by Charles Stepney

(1968 Cadet Concept Records)

Rotary Connection are a group that optimizes hippy. The music is kitsch, often inspired and at times difficult but this album has some real gems. Anything that has Minnie Riperton as a vocalist is worth checking out!

As for groove diggers, this album will certainly satisfy, as it contains immense grooves and funky drum breaks. Enjoy!


Minnie Riperton

Mitch Aliota

Sidney Barnes

Judy Hauff

Tommy Vincent

Bobby Simms

Side One

Life Could

Teach Me How To Fly


Let Them Talk

I Took A Ride (Caravan)

Side Two


Magical World

I Must Be There

I Feel Sorry

Paper Castle



cheeba said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this!

keviekev said...

Thank you so much. Have never heard this one.

Gianni said...

wow, thank you!!!

Farchi said...

Thanks, i have been looking for this,, i really enjoyed the self titled, but this one seems more magical hehe, god bless, keep sharing the goodies.