Saturday, 7 June 2008

Moods & Grooves by Ju-Par Universal Orchestra

Produced by Dick Boyell & Bruce Swedien

(1976 Ju-Par Records )

A bit of a curiosity this. It is very Funky but very very Kitsch at the same time. It has some serious Funk samples dotted all over this record for all you groove diggers and the musicianship is top notch.

Phil Upchurch - Guitar

Quinton Joseph - Drums

Lou Satterfield - Bass

Derf Walker - Percussion

Art Hayle - Trumpet

Murry Watson - Trumpet

Ken Soderdlom - Tenor Baritone

Rich Rudoll - Flute

Vocals - Kitty Haywood, Bonnie Herman and Vivian Haywood

Side A

Funky Music

Beauty & The Beast


Chicago Calypso

Side B

Mocha Velvet

Is Anyone Listening?

Flute Salad

Gotta Get-A-Way



JTF said...

Very nice... Can't hardly wait!

basso said...

"Time" is an alltime supersong!!
Thanks for reminding me of this beauty. There's another issue with a kitschy waterfall cover that fits perfectly to your description of the musical style.

Eddy said...

This is a nice one! It's a very good combination of easy listening, disco, funk and jazz.