Saturday, 5 April 2008

Love Is Back by Love Unlimited

Produced & Arranged by Barry White (1979 CBS Inc.)

Love Unlimited are a very special group. There is something in the combined voices of Linda James, Diane Taylor and Glodean White that creates beauty and soul to such a degree that they have never been bettered by any of the other vocal groups of this genre. On this album is the hidden soul number "I'm His Woman" which is pure perfection. I really think this song is a soul classic. I post this album because as I stated in my last Love Unlimited "In Heat" post, all the versions out there are of terrible quality and do nothing to preserve the neglected legacy of this inspirational and important group. Here is a crisp 320kbps, almost perfect transfer and I hope you enjoy it.

Orchestrated by Ben Kirk

Side One

I'm So Glad I'm A Woman

High Steppin', Hip Dressin' Fella (You Got It Together)

When I'm In Your Arms, Everything's OK

Side Two

If You Want Me, Say It

I'm Giving You A Love (Every Man Is Searchin' For)

Gotta Be Where You Are

I'm His Woman



Anonymous said...

You Rock! ; )

-bobby h

ish said...

Great album. Even the cd reissue that was out (on Profile, was it?) for a little while years back was mastered from vinyl.

Rock Savage said...

Ish, I think this transfer is pretty crisp, i think it is as good as a proper CD. Glad you like it.

Gianni said...


Anonymous said...

thanks much rock!!!

Anonymous said...

YES! Thankyou so much Rock! Why is it so difficult to get good quality bazza downloads? And why do people play his worst/most commercial stuff?