Tuesday, 25 March 2008

String Fever by The Soulful Strings

Arranged, Conducted & Produced by Richard Evans

(1969 Cadet Records)

Recorded at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago, July 1969

The best of The Soulful Strings studio albums, but for "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child", all the tracks on "String Fever" are original compositions and they do not disappoint. Totally Killa! Enjoy!

Side 1


Lenny Druss - Flute; Cleveland Eaton - Cello


Lenny Druss - Bass Flute; Richard Fudali - Flute

Chocolate Candy

Lenny Druss - Flute; Jeff Carp - Harmonica

High Rise Blues

Cash McCall - Guitar; Richie Fudali - Flute; Bruce Hayden - Viola

It's Cold Duck Time

Jeff Carp - Harmonica

Side 2

The Voices Inside

Jeff Carp - Harmonica; Sam Thomas - Guitar

Valdez In the Country

Phil Upchurch - Guitar; Cleveland Eaton - Cello

A Love Song

Ron Steele - Principal Guitar

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Richie Fudali - Flute; Jeff Carp - Harmonica

1974 Blues

Lenny Druss - Flute; Phil Upchurch - Guitar



Reza said...

It just doesn't get any better than this, so good !!!

Many Many Thanks :)

ish said...

WOW, Two soul strings albums. Nice work. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog, thanks so much for the Bill Withers' posts, but especially "Hey Leroy," that is awesome. Thanks!

Licorice Pizza said...

I was really digging the other SS and now this. You Rock...Rock Savage. LP

Bob said...

This is great - I love their records. But isn't "Cold Duck Time " a Les McCann/Eddie Harris tune ?

Thanks !

Rock Savage said...

Bob, Cold Duck Time was written by Eddie Harris, as was 1974 Blues, but they were written this album. Harris recorded his live version of Duck Time with Les McCann in june 1969 Montreux Jazz Festival.

golden boy said...

haven't listened yet, but thanks for chance to hear some new music.

Gianni said...

wow! thanks!!!

djkit-dj fanis said...

Thanks for your comments RS.Very nice blog,i need some of your posts.REALLY GREAT WORK!!!

Andy said...

Luvly jubbly Mr Savage,thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Allo RockSavage,
Came upon your blogs by my interest in Lalo's music (other than the OSTs which I grew up with) -- "Baaakaaaaooo!" :-D.

I have realised what a baby taste I have and learnt so much more Jazz, Funk, R&B through your blog and many others you've listed!

I think I have left "Anon" comments here and there in your blog, but I think it is mighty unbecoming to DL and pick up such luvvly jubbly moosik and not say thanks.

I downloaded this Album today and they really are nice! Funk "Vaouum...Digga Digga Digga,.... daing-i-Tik!" Guitar Funk rhythm is WoW!

Thanks a bunch Guv.... You, OIR, Oufar, Loronix are some of my regular stopovers in Net surfing experience.

(Mwaaah! Chimp style kiss for you also ;-))