Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Soulful Strings Play Gamble-Huff

Produced & Arranged by Richard Evans (1970 Cadet Records)

Recorded at Tel-Mar Studios, Chicago, July/August 1970

Another great record from The Soulful Strings. Enjoy this very crisp transfer!

There are no notes concerning the musicians on this recording but The Soulful Strings have included the following personnel.

Phil Upchurch – Guitar
Cash McCall – Guitar
Morris Jennings Jr. – Drums
Richard Evans – Bass
Cleveland Eaton – Bass & Cello
Charles Stepney – Organ & Vibes

Bobby Christian – Vibes

Billy Wooten – Vibes

Richie Fudali – Flute

Lennie Druss – Flute
Sol Bobrov – Violin

Bruce Hayden – Viola

Side 1

Hey Western Union Man
I've Got A Groove
Beside You
Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Side 2

One Night Affair
Silly, Silly Fool
I Can't Stop Dancing
Deeper In Love With You
Never Gonna Give You Up


ish said...

Thanks so much! Before this I think I only knew "Groovin' with the Soulful Strings"

avocado kid said...

sounds cool, thanks!

JTF said...

the only SS lp I was missing! Thanks!

Licorice Pizza said...

Rock, Thanks for the continuing Soulful Strings. Great music. LP

Zarville said...

Excellent Soulful Strings albums you have - many thanks!

richsoul said...

Thank you very much. The brothers could write but you post the link. To this, I thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Soulful Strings collection!!

Anonymous said...

big thanx


Simon666 said...

thanks for this :)