Sunday, 2 March 2008

Rock Your Baby by George Mc Crae

Produced, Arranged and Written by H. W. Casey & Richard Finch
(1974 T.K. Records)

This is the first album I bought in San Francisco in 1991 so it holds a special place in my collection. Being a native of London, England I walked the streets of San Francisco unaware that the records stores I wanted to visit were in so-called 'no-go' areas. I visited all my stops, had a sing-song in the street with a group of beer swilling Hip-Hoppers that made me welcome because they approved of my record selection, sat and smoked with some old men that had their chairs in the street and finally got a date with a gorgeous girl that was selling hip-hop mix tapes. Later that night in a taxi, I pointed out one of the record stores I visited earlier that day, and the driver, as he closed all the windows in the cab a little too quickly, said "Don't ever go walking around these streets, right? Dangerous, very Dangerous!"

Anyway I bought this album not because of the over-played "Rock Your Baby" but for the hidden funk jem "I Get Lifted". I include the KC & The Sunshine cover version, which is killer, so you can compare the two. "Look At You" is a funky jam and has some sweet bass played by Richard Finch but most of the songs follow the "Rock You Baby" formula and are not so successful, such as "Make It Right", "You Got My Heart" and "You Can Have It All". Still for that one classic funk jam this album is a winner.

Bass - Richard Finch
Drums - Robert Johnson
Guitar - Jerome Smith , Phillip Wright
Keyboards - H. W. Casey

Side A

Rock Your Baby
I Can't Leave You Alone (I Keep Holdin' On)
You Got My Heart
You Can Have It All

Side B

Look At You
Make It Right
I Need Somebody Like You
I Get Lifted
Rock Your Baby Reprise

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Great selection. Thanks for the post. Cheers.