Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Pa 'Lante by Tito Puente

(1970 Barbaro Records)

A brilliant neglected album by the Rey of the Timbales y su Orquestra. I bought this album for the killer track "Hit The Bongo" which I still bust at jams every now and then. The rest of the album is solid, so check it out!

Lado A

1. Pa 'Lante

2. No Voy A La Luna

3. No Puedo Ser Feliz

4. Hit The Bongo

5. Araguita

Lado B

1. Lindo Palomar

2. Mi Jevita

3. Nuestra Cancion

4. Observalo

5. Cuero



Licorice Pizza said...

I have been perusing your site and really do enjoy it.

Also really liked your offering at Reza's place.

I would like to link you at the Kitchen with your approval

Thanks for the great music. LP

Licorice Pizza said...

Great! I will link you as well and I think we have a great deal in common...regarding our tastes in music. LP