Wednesday, 5 March 2008

New Rock Savage Music

Go Get It! Go Get It! Go Get It!

Produced and Arranged by Rock Savage

1. Live While I'm Alive

2. Bounce

3. Jeep Jockey Stomp!

4. Rich Man's Frug

5. Zulu Jive (The Click Song)

6. Soul Revival

7. Marvin est Incroyable

Please leave some comments to let me know what you think.


Bigger Beats by Rock Savage

Produced and Arranged by Rock Savage (2007)

1. Rich Man’s Frug

2. Pequenas Chicas

3. Latin Soul Stomp!

4. Jeep Jokey Stomp!

5. Crazy About You Babe

6. Marvin Gaye Lives

7. Latin Cafe

8. Sunshine

9. Zulu Dance

10. Crash landing

11. Malaria Free

12. The Word

13. The Way You Heal me

14. Ten Years Gone

15. What Now?

16. Grover Grove

17. Carlos Talking Shit


You can download all the Rock Savage Albums and Remixes at the Rock Savage Website


Kockalone said...

I'm currently downloading the Rock Savage EP... I'll let you know what I think as soon as I give it a listen, ok? Peace brother...


Kockalone said...

Killer! IMHO, Jeep Jockey Stomp!! is the killer! The rest of the album is good but is really a standout track... Keep it up brother, peace...


Licorice Pizza said...

Aha! Finally after many days of brain racking I have figured out the opening dialogue and source of I Want to Live!

Harlow - Dinner for Eight.

I wanna be gay means a bit something different today than it did when the Platinum Bombshell uttered the words in the late 1930's.

Unfortunately for her and us her life was cut way to short and gone before she reached her prime.

Great cut and fantastic MiX.

Really enjoyed your comp at Reza's place. Great selection again...LP

Licorice Pizza said...

And right you are. We watched Dinner for Eight about a week ago and then there was a bio on Harlow and they showed that clip from Hells Angels in it. Hence my confusion. At any rate. Great MiX. LP