Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Making Music by Bill Withers

Produced by Bill Withers and Larry Nash (1975 CB Inc.)

Without a doubt another Bill Withers Classic. "Making Music" is Bill Withers fourth studio album and he lined up some extraordinary talent to help him with it. Any record that boasts Ralph MacDonald on percussion is assured some solid and funky rhythms but to add Harvey Mason to the mix is just mouth-watering. The beats on this album are smooth, deep and faultless. Dave Grusin make a guest appearance and lays down some keys on the track "Family Table". My favorite track on the album, if that is possible is "Don't You Want To Stay". The hook is just too funky for words. "She's Lonely" is absolute class and "I Wish You Well" is a stunning pumped-up opener. This album is as soulful as soulful gets and is a neglected masterpiece. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.

Note: It is disgraceful that such as classic has not be released on CD.

Recorded at The Record Plant, LA

ARP & Keyboard - Larry Nash, David Grusin "Family Table"

Strings & Horns - Paul Riser

Electric Guitars - David T. Walker, Ray E. Parker Jr., Melvin Ragin better known as "Wah Wah Watson", George Johnson

Acoustic Guitar - Dennis Budimir

Guitar Effects - Melvin "Wah Wah " Ragin

Bass - Louis Johnson

Drums - Harvey Mason

Bass - James Jamerson "Family Table"

Soprano Sax - Ernie Watts "Hello Light"

Percussion - Ralph MacDonald

Background Vocals - Myrna Matthews, Caroline Willis, Jim Gilstrap, Angie Johson and Tom Bahler

Side 1

1. I Wish You Well

2. The Best You Can

3. Make Love To Your Mind

4. I Love You Dawn

5. She's Lonely

Side 2

1. Sometimes A Song

2. Paint A Pretty Picture

3. Family Table

4. Don't You Want To Stay

5. Hello Like Before

Download Side 1

Download Side 2

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