Sunday, 2 March 2008

In Heat by Love Unlimited

Produced by Barry White (1974 20th Century Records)

Arranged by Barry White & Gene Page

This is one of my favourite Love Unlimited albums because I grew up listening to “Move Me No Mountain” and subsequently heard it at most of the jams I went to. The reason I post it, is because there is not one top quality version out there. I downloaded one recently that was below 120kbps and sounded as if it was playing through a beat up Bakelite radio. Why bother to post albums at such degraded quality? This album deserves a little more respect. So I have transferred my copy to 320kbps so you can listen to "In Heat" as it was meant to be heard.

Linda James, Diane Taylor and Glodean White

Side One

1. Move Me No Mountain

2. Share a little Love In Your Heart

3. Oh Should I Say, It’s Such A Beautiful Day

Side Two

1. I Needed Love – You Were There

2. I Belong To You

3. I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go

4. Love’s Theme


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