Monday, 24 March 2008

Hey Leroy by Jimmy Castor

Produced by Luchi De Jesus (1967 Smash Records)

Jimmy Castors first successful recording. This album is packed full of funked up latin rhythms and dance floor corkers! I also include the 45 single version of "Hey Leroy Your Mama's Callin' You" because the mastering is considerably different from the album version. Enjoy!

Richard Landrunm - Congas

Hillard Gibson - Guitar

Ken Mills - Piano

Paul Martinez - Bass

Reginald Barnes - Drums

Martin Charles - Congas

Side 1

Hey Leroy Your Mama's Callin' You

Bang, Bang

Our Day Will Come

Ham Hocks Espanol

How Beautiful You Are

Side 2

Hey Willie

Oh, Yeh

Winchester Cathedral

South Fried Frijoles

Ol' Man River



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catacaldos said...

Brilliant post.Thanks for sharing this treasure.Keep on diggin' in your fantastic album collection.Gracias.

djandpete said...

great album thank you

Unknown said...

I just eventually stumbled over the "Phase Two" vinyl. it's great. But your post was an even greater thing to stumble upon! Thanks a lot man!