Monday, 17 March 2008

All The Woo In The World by Bernie Worrell

Produced by Bernie Worrell & George Clinton

(1978 Arista Records)

Recorded at United Sound Systems, Detroit, Michigan

This is a Classic Funk Album. The opening track proves it beyond a doubt. "Hold On" is a fantastic slice of mellow funk and "Insurance For Funk" is a nasty slab of Funk improvisation. Enjoy!

All Keyboards & Synthesizers - Bernie Worrell

Bass - Rodney "Skeet" Curtis & Billy Nelson

Drums - Tyrone Lampkin, Jim Wright & Gary Cooper

Horns - Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith & Rick Gardner

Guitars - Gary Shider, J.S. Thiracon, William Collins, Pheps Collins, Micheal Hampton, Glenn Goins & Eddie Hazel

Back Ground Vocals - The Brides, Parlet, The Dr., Casper & Voices Of The Nation

String Arrangement on "Woo Together" by Dave Va De Pitte

Side 1

Woo Together

I'll Be With You

Hold On

Much Thrust

Side 2

Happy To Have (Happiness On Our Side)

Insurance Man For The Funk

Reprise: Much Thrust



XMP said...

Yo I like your blog. I'm unfamiliar with some of this stuff but it all looks dope!

catacaldos said...

Wow,thanx for this gem,a real bassic.Great blog.

Anonymous said...

Something from the Funk Mob that I never Knew existed.Thanx 4 keepin it funky!

Robert said...

I just discovered your blog and wow thanks for this!!