Saturday, 23 February 2008

You Are My Starship by Norman Connors

Produced by Skip Drinkwater & Jerry Schoenbaum

(1976 Buddah Records)

This is a very soulful venture from the Drummer Norman Conners. 'Betcha By Golly Wow" is sung by Phyllis Hyman and has a Sax solo by Gary Bartz. The stand-out track for me is the incredible 'The Creator Has A Master Plan', which has been sampled to death by the likes of Pete Rock and Dj Premier. Gary Bartz really shines on this track and Hubert Eaves plays some very beautiful Piano.

Side One

1. We Both Need Each Other

2. Betcha By Golly Wow

3. Bubbles

Side Two

1. You Are My Starship

2. Just Imagine

3. So Much Love

4. The Creator Has A Master Plan



Baby Breeze said...

Just came across your blog. Would be happy to exchange links if you like what I post over at

As a major Bartz fan (I'll have some OOP Bartz up before too long) I appreciate the chance to hear this record. Bartz doesn't have the major name recognition, but he resides proudly in my Hall of Fame.

a mind with no ceiling said...

Although considered a classic I was still looking for that one! Thanx a bunch for sharing it.

taro nombei said...

Greetings from Tokyo.
Thanks for this -- much appreciated.

noguti said...

muito obrigado