Friday, 22 February 2008

The Worm by Jimmy McGriff

Produced by Sonny Lester (1968)

The title track, "The Worm" is a Dance Floor Classic. I always spin it when I DJ and it sure gets everybody jumping! The rest of the album is solid Jimmy McGriff. "Blue Juice" is a nice slab of rare groove and "Keep Loose" is a racy Jazz number with a great Trumpet solo by Blue Mitchell but the star of the album, is and always will be, the blistering Jazz masterpiece "The Worm".

Drums - Mel Lewis & Grady Tate

Guitar - Thornel Schwartz

Tenor Sax - Fats Theus

Baritone Sax  - Robert Ashton

Alto Sax  - Danny Turner

Trumpet  - Blue Mitchell

Fender Bass  - Bob Bushnell

Side One

1. The Worm

2. Keep Loose

3. Heavyweight

4. Think

Side Two

1. Lock It Up

2. Girl Talk

3. Blue Juice

4. Take The A Train

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Baby Grandpa said...

Hello Rock Savage,

I added your blog to my 'other vaults' section.

Just one little remark though: your latest post is Jimmy McGriff with the 'The Worm' album, but I have to tell you: it's widely and easily available on CD for less that 10 US dollars...

I understand your main goal is to post out of print material like Smooth and I do, so I thought you might wanted to know this.

Still your other posts rock, so keep it up. I'll also have a look at your own productions soon. As a European living in The Netherlands, I have to tell you that Rock Savage is a well known name amongst Jazz/Funk DJs like myself!



Anonymous said... always takes one to mess it up for everyone. maybe not everybody wants to pay amazon's or whoever else's prices for these albums, that's why we come to great blogs such as this one