Monday, 25 February 2008

The Symphonic Ellington by Duke Ellington

(1963 Pye Records)

I love Big Band Jazz and this is as big as it gets. Don't get put off because "The Symphonic Ellington" is very soulful Jazz but accompanied by the Paris, Hamburg, Stockholm and Milan Symphony Orchestras.

"Night Creatures" is a Jazz piece in three movements and has shades of Leonard Berstein and Aaron Copland. "Non-Violent Integration" is simply fantastic Jazz with some wonderful Soloing. If you need to get happy slap this on. "La Scala, She Too Pretty To Be Blue" was recorded very quickly as Duke only had two hours with the Milan Orchestra. The result is bluesy and very beautiful. The final track "Harlem" does really invoke what you imagine Harlem to have once been. This is great Ellington.

I purchased this Album in a flea market in Paris and was surprised to see that the Record was printed in England for the concerts he was giving there. It contained a pristine concert programme with notes and photos. I have scanned the programme at the best quality possible so that you can read up on the Musicians and enjoy the great photography.

Side 1

1. Night Creatures in Three Movements

2. Non-Violent Integration

Side 2

1. La Scala, She Too pretty To be Blue

2. Harlem


Download Programme

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Anonymous said...

The music on this record is incredibly good, is beyond jazz and symphonic, is excellent music made by a genius.

I have the lp, an edition dated 1980, however no cover nor programme, nothing. Mine is a "free sample - not for sale".

Your kindness to provide the notes and photos here is really appreciate.

Thank you very much!