Sunday, 24 February 2008

Procession by Bobby Hutcherson

"These Recordings Have Been Previously Released".

I own a few Bobby Hutcherson Albums. I have become addicted to "Montara" and "Inner Glow" is simply brilliant but it all started with this Album.

"Procession" contains one of my all time favorite jams, "UMMH". What can I say about this track but that it grooves every time I hear it. It has an infectious beat and I love to watch people respond when I spin it. By about four minutes in, everybody in moving, be it heads, hands, fannies or feet. I just love it! 


Side A

1. Mtume

2. Prints Tie

Side B

1. Ummh

2. Procession

I recommend  a visit to ORGY IN RHYTHM if you want to delve deeper into the music of Bobby Hutcherson. 



Anonymous said...

An excellent listen. Thanks for the post.

Andy said...

Excellent thanks

Andy said...

Hi,Once again.I now have my own blog featuring compilations of jazz tracks,radio shows by myself and Ray Porter,jazz news and useful links.I have added your blog,feel free to pop over and have a look.

Cheers Andy