Friday, 29 February 2008

The Odd Couple by Neal Hefti

Produced by Tom Mack (1968 Dot Records)

Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Neal Hefti

This is quirky 1960s film music interlaced with dialogue from the classic movie. A faux laugh track has been added to these dialogues, I suppose, to let you know it's a comedy. As for the music it's easy and timidly groovy.

Side One

The Odd Couple (Vocal) (Music)

Domestic Quarrel (Dialogue)

Metropole (Music)

Dirty Poker (Dialogue)

Tomatoes (Music)

Down With The Lights

Side Two

The Odd Couple (Main Title) (Music)

Clean Poker (Dialogue)

Man Chases Man (Music)

Curse Of The Cat People (Music)

Oscar Blows Up (Dialogue)

End Title (Music)

                   What are these two up to?


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Anonymous said...

Outstanding Relic you made avaailable here. People are so used to the TV Theme version that they miss out on the Movie theme versions, which are far and away better than the TV Theme version. Thanks for making it available to download!