Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Sweet Summer Suite by Love Unlimited Orchestra

Produced by Barry White (1976 20th Century Records)

Arranged by Barry White and Gene Page

Barry White's work with Love Unlimited and Love Unlimited Orchestra are a joy. I first got into Love Unlimited because of  the track "Move Me No Mountain" from the 1974 album "In Heat". Since then there has been no looking back. Barry White formed a 40 piece Orchestra to serve all his production needs and from 1973 they recorded over 6 solo albums under his direction. This album is my favorite because it contains the incredible, and I mean incredible, "Strange Games and Things". This string-laden funk masterpiece was sampled very successfully by EPMD on their 1990 cut "Manslaughter". Love Unlimited Orchestra's biggest hit was "Love's Theme" in 1973. 


My Sweet Summer Suite

Strange Games & Things

Blues Concerto

You, I Adore


Brazilian Love Song

Are You Sure

You've Given Me Something

I'm Falling In Love With You



ish said...

Oh cool. This is like the only Barry White I don't own. Awesome. Thanks!

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