Monday, 25 February 2008

A Musical Safari by Dizzy Gillespie

Produced by Dizzy Gillespie (1974 Booman Records)

Featuring Lalo Schifrin

This Album is Recorded live at the Monterey Jazz Festival in September 1961. Dizzy's introduction is fun and the music is very well performed and recorded. "Desafinado" is excellent but "Long Long Summer" composed by Lalo Schifrin is my favorite track on the album. Lalo's Piano lick is so soulful that it could be ripe for a sample. The final track "Kush" is a wild journey at over Nine Minutes. It has some fantastically funky Drumming by Chuck Lampkin and as Lalo starts his brilliant Piano Solo, the Bass played by Bob Cunningham and Drums are so tight it hurts.

Here are the Uncredited Rear Album Cover Notes in entirety.

A Musical Safari most accurately describes what evolved from this afternoon concert in september, 1961 at Monterey Jazz Festival. Dizzy's always felt close to his African roots; be it in the Afro-Cuban sound that is rightfully called the Father of or the gentle hypnotic beat of Bossa-nova. Dizzy's music is always sanctified with a quality that appeals to all. This recording captures a truly historic moment in modern music.

Alto & Flute  - Leo Wright

Drums  - Chuck Lampkin

Bass  - Bob Cunningham

Vocal  - Joe Carroll & Dizzy Gillespie

Side 1

Duke's Intro & Dizzy's Rap

1. Desafinado

2. Lorraine

3. Long Long Summer

Side 2

1. OO Pop A Dah

2. Pau De Arara

3. Kush



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Thanks,I read a review on this last week.Hopefully it is as good as the comments.Cheers

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