Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Liquidator by Lalo Schifrin

Produced by Jesse Kaye (1966  MGM/E.M.I. Records)

Composed  and Conducted by Lalo Schifrin

Featuring Shirley Bassey

"The Liquidator" is Lalo Schifrin trying to emulate the James Bond Scores of John Barry and failing. The title song sung by Shirley Bassey is a rather sad pastiche of "Goldfinger". What makes this album worth having are the tracks that Lalo Schifrin infuses with his own style. The aptly titled "The Killer" coming in at one minute and a half in length, is easily the best track on this soundtrack. At the same length "Carry On" with its excellent baseline, is the next best track.

Side One

1. The Liquidator

    Vocal: Shirley Bassey

2. Boysie's Bossa (Sax Version)

3. The Killer

4. Bikini Waltz

5. The Bird

6. Casino Rhapsody

Side Two

1. Carry On

2. Iris

3. Riviera Chase

4. Boysie's Bossa (Flute Version)

5. Tilt

6. The Liquidator

      Vocal: Shirley Bassey


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cheeba said...

Thanks for the loads of Lalo! Always happy to hear another soundtrack from him.