Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Lenny by Ralph Burns & Bob Fosse

Musical Supervision and Scoring by Ralph Burns
(1974 United Artists Records)

Featuring Miles Davis

Bob Fosse is a Film Director that is up there in the pantheon with Stanley Kubrick and Akira Kurosawa. He directed only 5 movies and each one is a classic. He is also responsible for my leap into Jazz. Here is an expanded version of the 'Lenny' soundtrack. I have included two tracks and extended one to it's original length. These Miles Davis tracks are featured in the film but not included on the original soundtrack. I actually bought the Album in the 1980's for "Well You Needn't" and was disappointed to find it not included. I had to go back to the film credits to find out what that sound was. Who was it by? What was it called? During my search I discovered "Somethin' Else" by Cannonball Adderley, which has since become one of my favorite Jazz albums. All that Jazz and all because of Bob Fosse!

Side 1

1. Opening

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

2. Lament

dialogue by Valerie Perine

3. We're All The Same Schmucks Part I

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

4. Nan's Dream

5. intro by Dustin Hoffman - Valerie

6. Dikes

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

7. Honeycomb

Side 2

1. To Come

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

2. Time Does It Again

3. Niggers

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

4. Aurenthology

vocal by Anne Marie Moss

5. Dirty

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

6. a. Well You Needn't (The Party Begins)

b. Tempus Fugit (Party Rush)

c. It Never Entered My Mind (Party Come Down)

7. We're All The Same Schmucks Part II

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

8. Myrtle's Tune

9. Blah Blah

monologue by Dustin Hoffman

10. Flic-Flac

11. Theme From "Lenny"


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