Saturday, 23 February 2008

Justicia by Eddie Palmieri

Produced by George Goldner (1970)

I found this Album in London’s West End about 10 years ago in a little shop that specialised in Latin Jazz unfortunately it no longer exists. As one of my favourite albums is by Eddie Palmieri it comes as very easy to buy anything with his name imprinted on it. This album has a track that I started to spin quite frequently, Todo Es Todo or Everything is Everything. As a whole the Album is very poorly Mastered or Produced? __and has a very thin unsatisfying quality. The tracks are quite unremarkable for a Palmieri album and considering the talent on display here, it is quite surprising that this session never clicked. 'Lindo Yambu' is one of the better tracks but suffers from poor recording. The title track 'Justica' really hots up after the Vocal finishes and becomes are real rhythmic orgy. "Verdict On Judge Street' or 'Veredicto En La Calle Del Juez' rapidly turns into a disaster and the little inserts of Leonard Bernstein's 'Somewhere' serve no purpose. Still it is worth it because when they cook, they cook!

Trumpet -  Armando “Chocolate” Armentero

Trumbones – Lewis Kahn, Jose Rodriguez, 

                      Mark Weinstein, Julien Preister

Guitar – Bob Bianco (Also Sings “Somewhere”)

Bass – David Hersher

Percussion – Nick Marrero

Conga – Fransisco Aquabella

Bongos & Conga – Chino Pozo & Ray Romero

Bongos – Manny Oquendo

Claves – Roberto Franquiz

Drums – Robert Thomas on “Verdict On judge Street”

Bass – Laurence Evans on “Verdict On judge Street”

Side A

1. Justicia

2. Interlude

3. Amor Ciego

4. Lindo Yambu

5. My Spiritual Indian

Side B

1. Everything Is Everything

2. “Somewhere” (From West Side Story)

3. Verdict On judge Street

4. Somewhere (From West Side Story)

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ish said...

I was able to pick up this on the new remastsred CD so it is out there.

Anyway, good luck on the new blog. Nice latin jazz vibe you got here. I saw your link over on My Jazz World, which also inspired me to start mwn blog about a month ago. Stop on by.