Thursday, 21 February 2008

Doxy by Cal Tjader

Produced by Esmond Edwards and Eric Miller

Doxy is a Double Album collection of Cal Tjader tracks Remastered. It was released in 1973 on Verve, MGM Records. This is a good collection of previously released material and has some Tjader Classics like "Soul Motion", "Manteca",  "Daddy Wong Legs" and "Soul Bird". 

The Inner Sleeve notes are by Harvey Siders of Down Beat Magazine.

Side One Record One

1. Doxy

2. My Reverie

3. Manha De Carnival (Morning Of The Carnival)

4. That's All

5. Soul Motion

Side Two Record One

1. Curacao

2. Morning

3. Hip Vibrations

4. Daddy Wong Legs

5. Soul Bird (Tin Tin Dao)

Side Three Record Two

1. Soul Burst

2. The Bilbao Song

3. Alonzo

4. Reza

5. Moanin'

Side Four Record Two

1. Insight

2. Sweet Honey Bee

3. My Ship

4. Azul

5. Manteca

Download Part One 

Download Part Two


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Thanks for this lp, excellent.

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