Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Champagne - Eddie Palmieri & His Orchestra

Produced by Pancho Cristal

Champange (1968) is a Fantastic Album. The African Twist sung by Cynthia Ellis is a Dance Floor Classic. Aye Que Rico, Palo De Mango and Cinturita are perfection. Si Las Nenas Me Dejan, Que is simply beautiful.

The sleeve notes boast "the excitement and fun that the Album has created among hardcore musicians and disc jockeys."

It is easy to see why when you listen to such perfection.

Side A

1. Aye Que Rico
2. Delirio/Here's That Rainy Day
3. Cintura
4. Busca Lo Tuyo

Side B

1. The African Twist
2. Palo De mango
3. Si Las Nenas Me Dejan, Que



paros said...

many thanks for the eddie as i see you have great taste..and we wish you good luck with your blog.

basso said...

hi rock savage,

i've been strolling through your posts for a couple of minutes now and
I like a lot what I see. Great collection of Lps all the way. I've decided to dl this one here.
I hope you don't mind if I link you up on my blog.
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Silverspurr said...

Israel "Cachao" Lopez the master Cuban bassist who passed away last week... is playing on this LP.

Please let me know if you decide to post the Palmieri/Tjader ''Bamboleate'' session.

Best regards,


Javiikiller said...

Thanks a lot!