Sunday, 24 February 2008

Brass Construction II by Brass Construction

Produced by Jeff Lane (1976 United Artists Records)

Arranged by Randy Muller


A little bit of neglected Funk. This second album by Brass Construction has some great sessions. These guys are tight. On the whole the album is on the edge of what would become Disco. For me the stand-out tune and the reason I bought this album is the mellow funker "The Message" which is a solid classic. "Blame It On Me" is an inspired song with a Reggae flavour. "Changin" has a great groove and some very sleazy strings. It is a great track to get the people movin'! 

If you like Earth, Wind and Fire, Ohio Players or the Commodores you definitely dig this. 

Side 1

1. Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)

2. Get To The Point (Summation)

3. Sambo (Progression)

4. Screwed (Conditions)

Side 2

1. The Message (Inspiration)

2. Now Is Tomorrow (Anticipation)

3. Blame It One Me (Introspection)

4. What's On Your Mind (Expression)


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