Sunday, 24 February 2008

Between Broadway & Hollywood by Lalo Schifrin

Produced by

New York City May 27 1963

New York City May 29 1963

MGM E/SE 4156

This is an interesting Album from Lalo Schifrin that I have never seen again since I purchased it in an Oxfam store. It contains Jazz interpretations of Movie and Broadway themes. Included are three original Schifrin compositions: Hallucinations, Jive Orbit and Impressions of Broadway. "Theme from Lawrence of Arabia" works surprisingly well and the opening Bass Lick is ripe for sampling. "Who will Buy" also has a very catchy Bass Line. "Hud" is Lalo doing what he does best but the star of this album, without a doubt, is Schifrin's original composition "Jive Orbit". This track is Killer!

I include the uncredited Rear Album Cover Notes in entirety.

From Broadway To Hollywood covers a lot of territory. So does Lalo Schifrin, the brilliant young composer/pianist whose work in both areas are featured in this album.

Hollywood is represented by three great films – ‘Hud’, ‘Days Of Wine And Roses’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. The Broadway scene is covered in music from two of that street’s hottest tickets – ‘She Loves Me’ and ‘Oliver’. And Mr. Schifrin represents himself with three original works –Hallucinations, Jive Orbit and Impressions of Broadway.

Lalo Schifrin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he began his piano studies. He continued learning Keyboard in Paris Conservatory and received grounding in American popular music while working as an arranger for the Xavier Cugat Orchestra. Schifrin organized all his talents – composing, arranging and playing –when he joined the Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Group.

And although he gained a great reputation in the Jazz area, it wasn’t until he left the Dizzy Gillespie group to concentrate on composing that his musical fame began to spread outside of jazz.

He has written and arranged for many of today’s top artists and has had a best selling album of his own Piano Strings and Bossa Nova (MGM E/SE 4110). His work in this album, From Broadway To Hollywood, shows clearly that his powers as a composer and arranger are broadening greatly.

In Hud, for example, he has used Elmer Bernstein’s theme to get into the complex character portrayed by Paul Newman in the film. Similarly, Maurice Jarre’s Theme from ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is given a new and different sound. And Henry Mancini’s Academy Award winner, Days Of Wine And Roses, has been clothed in fresh fabrics of sound and color by Schifrin.

Each of the Broadway numbers, Who Will Buy and She Loves Me, is reduced ti its melodic and rhythmic essence, then rebuilt by Schifrin with a flair and fashion all his own.

Schifrin’s three original works are brilliant exercises in color and rhythm. So here is a look at the vast area From Broadway To Hollywood by a bright young man about music.

Side One

1. Days of Wine and Roses (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer)

2. Theme from "Lawrence of Arabia" (Maurice Jarre)

3. Hallucinations

4. Who Will Buy? (from Broadway Musical "Oliver!") (Lionel Bart)

Side Two

1. Hud (Inspired by Paramount Release) (Elmer Bernstein)

2. She Loves Me (Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick)

3. Jive Orbit

4. Impressions of Broadway



vesper said...

Just got your adress at Orgy In Rhythm, and what a pleasant surprise to see that Lalo which I was searching for!! Thanks a lot! Feel free to stop by at my blog

Col. Peter Stevens (Rtd) said...


Jive Orbit is the point of interest for me. Otherwise it is a bit early. Good to hear though, just in case they ever decide to issue a CD.

Talking of which, I see that Dusty Groove are saying there is to be a Lalo release in the "Jazz Club" series some time soon. Apparently it will have "Mission Impossible" in the title. Let's hope that it goes a bit further afield than that.