Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bamboleate by Eddie Palmieri and Cal Tjader

Produced by Pancho Cristal (1967)

This has to be one of the greatest Albums ever recorded and is a personal favourite. Every track on this Album is a Classic and the Musicianship is exceptional.

Resemblance is a slow burner that once the bass takes control becomes an addictive groove. The playing by Tjader and Palmieri is outstanding.

My favourite track on the Album, if that is possible, is “Mi Montuno”. This begins with solo piano phrases, which are replaced by a solo bass. The rhythm takes off allowing the talents of these to masters to shine once again until it ends in a crescendo of percussion and piano.

Side Two begins with “Samba Do Suenho” which displays the most beautiful and subtle Vibes by Tjader. A glorious trombone solo follows him until the fade. “Guajira Candela” is a repetitive phrase that is addictive in the extreme; suddenly it breaks into a Vibe driven refrain that is inspired. “Come an’ Get It” has been a staple dance floor stomper in the London Jazz Club scene for years.

Pure Genius!

Side One

1. Bamboleate

2. We’ve love Before

3. Resemblance

4. Mi Montuno

Side Two

1. Samba Do Suenho

2. Guajira Candela

3. Pancho’s Seis Por Ocho

4. Come An’ Get It



Andy said...

Zero comments? Surely I am not the only one to grab this classic? Thanks a lot

Silverspurr said...

Thanks again for this SeƱor Savage!

arshille said...

thanx for posting this wonderful music - best wishes from arshille