Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Agua Dulce by Cal Tjader

Produced by Ed Bogas (1971) 

Arranged by The Escovedo Bros. Ed Bogas and Al Zulaica

This Album hides what has to be the best cover of a Rolling Stones Song ever. Cal Tjader's Gimme Shelter is in itself a Classic and never fails to get people dancing. It was Arranged by Ed Bogas. Rita Dowling plays wonderful Moog Synthesizer parts through out the Track. The Rhythm Section, Micheal Smithe and Pete Escovedo on Congas, Coke Escovedo on Timbales and either Richard Berk or Lee Charlton on Drums, are seriously working over-time on this inspired rendition!

The title track 'Agua Dulce' is a Groover and has some great percussive work. "Descarga" is infectious and has a great groove.

There are some very laid back numbers on this Album that could easily pass-off as Lift Music, such as 'Somewhere in the Night" and "Invitation" but at closer inspection they show Cal's gift for subtle Vibe work. "Now" is a trippy number with a some great vibes by the Master and Bill Perkins gives a nice Sax Solo. "Morning" the last cut of the Album has a distinct Roy Ayres feel about it. It has some nice horns and is very funky.

Really it is for the stunning Gimme Shelter that sets this album apart. There are better over-all albums by Tjader but this one has a special place in my collection.

Side I

1. Agua Dulce (Cool-Ade)
2. Curacao
3. Somewhere In The Night
4. Gimme Shelter

Side II

1. Ran Kan Kan
2. Descarga
3. Invitation
4. Now
5. Morning


Col. Peter Stevens (Rtd) said...


I have to say that having heard this a few times it does strike me as being a bit bland. It might be that my attitude is being coloured by "Gimme Shelter". I miss the (perhaps slightly ridiculous) drama of the original.

I will stick with it.



Rock Savage said...

Col. Peter,

Yes the original is the best as is usually the case and this version could be called 'bland' but in a Party setting ths version is great and really moves people because at first you are not sure it is a cover and the groove is addictive. Thanks for your comments. Check out El Reza, I compiled a compilation for his site. You might like my selection.


C.PS(R) said...


"Bland" is probably too strong a word. I listened again last night. It made more sense as a Sunday night record.

I'm looking forward to your new Lalo.


hiphopfanatik said...

Propz !! I was looking for that piece since ... a long long time ... I was very surprised when I've heard that Sadat-X "OPen Bar" (wild cowboys)have sampled the track "Invitation" *** a true 90's gem classic !!